The Cairns Post


- Patrick Hopper, Mt Sheridan

NEARLY every day we read in the Cairns Post about deaths and near deaths while riding on four-wheeldrive quad bikes. Are these riders licenced? There appear to be far too many accidents and deaths.

Television advertisem­ents do not help either, with machines speeding through the bush on three wheels not a good look.

There must be regulation­s regarding these machines; maybe they were originally used for farm work, etc; but it appears every person on the farm is allowed to ride one, and every second person who owns one is rough riding through the scrub with gay abandon.

Please do not complain if the government of the day introduces a levy of some kind to stop this sort of vandalism of the scrub.

I personally know of a couple who were arrested in a national park and were hit with a heavy fine; they should have known better, I suppose.

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