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A minor modificati­on can make a big difference. Think about a shut window in an airless room. Just opening it a fraction creates a breeze. Or picture an office chair at the wrong height. With a twist of the lever there’s enough room for your knees to fit under the desk. Although these are physical examples, the same logic can be applied to our emotional issues. It’s not as easy, or as obvious, to get to the root of a miscommuni­cation problem. But the coming Venus/Neptune link suggests a subtle change will ease any tensions.

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LEO JUL 24 - AUG 23

As long as there’s a method to your madness and a reason to your rhymes, you can be confident that the policy you’re following is a good one. This is more than a shot in the dark. You’re intuitivel­y heading in the right direction. So your growing levels of confidence and self-assurance are well deserved. As Venus prepares to link with Neptune (the planet of inspiratio­n) the missing piece of the jigsaw will be revealed. Don’t let anybody else’s doubts cloud your judgment. You’ve seen a real possibilit­y. It’s time to take it.

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Few things in life are easy. Sometimes even our simplest plans are beset by impediment­s. Things often end up taking much longer than we anticipate. And we always seem to end up investing more energy and money than we’d expected - all of which is particular­ly frustratin­g for optimistic, forward-thinking Sagittaria­ns. The good news is that with Venus in your sign, preparing to make a link with imaginativ­e Neptune, you’re about to be inspired to find a way to leapfrog over an obstacle that’s been delaying your progress.

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It’s hard to keep up with technologi­cal changes. Last year’s cutting-edge gadgets are next year’s antiques. Thank goodness our principles and priorities aren’t as easy to replace as our phones and computers. You’re starting to wonder if your attitude towards a key relationsh­ip is outmoded. Do you need to change with the times? As your ruling planet, Venus, prepares to link with mysterious Neptune, it brings insight and a more optimistic vision of the future. If you stick with what you know, you’ll find reassuring reasons to keep believing.

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You find yourself dealing with a scenario that feels oddly recognisab­le. Although you feel as if you’re making progress, nothing much seems to be altering. Yet true evolution doesn’t always reveal itself in obvious ways. Sometimes, just a small tweak - a slight adjustment to our thinking - creates a rewarding change. It’s just that the change takes a while to visibly manifest in our lives. As Venus moves towards a link with Neptune, it throws new light on a familiar situation. This will enable you to see just how far you’ve come.

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They say a watched pot never boils. But who, exactly, are they? And why are we so willing to accept the views of an unidentifi­ed, unverified authority? Do we ever consider checking to see whether this advice has been put to the test? A professor, who’s conducted experiment­s on how processes are affected by being observed, might have a different opinion. By willing something to happen, you’re not slowing down its progress. You might even be speeding it up. What’s certain, is that it will feel faster if you’re feeling less stressed.

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You might be feeling disappoint­ed. A situation hasn’t worked out as well as you’d liked, and you’re starting to lose faith in human nature. Are you doomed to be surrounded by inconsider­ation and selfishnes­s? Of course not. You might be feeling disillusio­ned, but if you consider the reality of your situation, you’ll see that you’re in a much better place than a lot of the people you know. If you’re generous with your time today, you can help someone. An act of kindness will redress the balance and restore your faith.

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We’re all a little bit psychic. We all have occasional flashes of insight that cause us to change our plans at the last minute, or strokes of inspiratio­n that make the difference between success and failure. Yet we can seldom explain what drives us to make such decisions. The problem is that these moments can be astonishin­gly accurate, or wide of the mark. And it’s not always easy to tell the difference. As your ruler, Venus, prepares to link with intuitive Neptune, as long as a hunch has a good feeling, follow it.

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“If I won the lottery, all my problems would be solved.” Although we know it’s unwise to pin our futures on such a specific (and unlikely) accomplish­ment, we all fall for this option sometimes. Whether or not you’ve already resolved to make a significan­t change to your life, today brings a chance to empower yourself. Rather than projecting your success onto a future achievemen­t, you can change your attitude. If you resolve to feel positive, no matter what, you’ll find real reasons to be happy with what’s actually going on.

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There’s only one way to get to where you want to go, and it involves a journey. Although it’s worth evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the potential routes you can take, sooner or later you’re going to have to commit to a course of action. You’re coming towards making a decision. You’ve been psychologi­cally preparing yourself to make a move. As long as you’ve thought everything through, and have been honest and clear about your choice, this is a good time to begin. If you’ve done your homework, you won’t go wrong.

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Human beings love picking holes and finding fault. Yet we learn, from experience, to be cautious about how we articulate those critiques. Few people appreciate being openly criticised, and fewer still like knowing that criticism’s being shared behind their backs. Maybe that’s why we feel more comfortabl­e judging strangers - and maybe that explains the explosion of anonymous internet trolling. But is that really a world we want to live in? Be as open and kind-hearted as you can be today, and the favour will be returned.

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If you’re dealing with a problemati­c situation, try to be grateful. It’s doing you a favour. As Venus prepares to link with Neptune, your ruling planet, you’re about to see why the difficulty in your world is a blessing. When something goes wrong we tend to automatica­lly assume that other things will follow suit. Yet there’s a cure for this mindset. It involves accepting what’s happening, and trusting that what’s happening is happening for the right reasons. The tools you’re currently employing will help you forge a path to success.

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