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EDGE Hill United deserve every bit of success they have earned this season.

It is the result of a lot of hard work by a lot of people, and the club has a fair claim to being the powerhouse of football in North Queensland.

The players, coaches and officials enjoyed every bit of those Crad Evans wins, and they deserve to soak it all in.

What this club has achieved in the past few years can’t be understate­d.

Yes, there are some who will point to the quality of players in the squad, and how

they are led well by a group of former NPL-level players who could still mix it at that level.

But for every Josh Taylor, Ryan Murray or Kevin Ward, there is an Oliver Berry or Ben McDonnell; a cub they’ve brought through the grades, given an opportunit­y to impress in the Premier League then done enough to keep a seasoned member of the squad out of the starting lineup.

They have already turned their attention to next year

(and 2023) as they seek to extend their run of success at senior level, and try to grow even larger. And from what we’ve seen in recent years, you can’t bet against them.

Tigers player-coach Crios O’Hare was furious at the nocall for a penalty during the Crad Evans Shield and, live, it certainly looked like there should’ve been something.

It appeared as if O’Hare was brought down by the last MA Olympic defender.

Players are often accused of adding some Hollywood to their appeals, and there may be an argument the contact wasn’t enough to warrant a penalty.

But O’Hare certainly thought it did, and Parking The Bus reckons he had plenty of reason to feel hard done by when his appeal when ignored.

We’re not sure of the ongoing chat which landed him in the bin though …

IT is a shame Brothers

Townsville lost so many top players at the end of the year.

The clash between them and Edge Hill United, two clubs with leading women’s football programs, is one that could rival the best NPLW fixtures had both teams been at full strength.

But Brothers were without half of their first-choice squad through work, injury or other personal commitment­s, so the team which travelled to Cairns was not their best squad.

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