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Sisters are doing it for themselves in 2021


ROMA’S Pinaroo nursing home has consistent­ly been the gold standard for it’s work in caring for the livelihood­s of more than 70 elderly residents and behind all that work is Melanie Calvert.

Mrs Calvert has been a registered nurse for more than 20 years.

She began in London and then in 2019 became the CEO at the nursing home.

Just months after taking over the position, Mrs Calvert was awarded one of the most prestigiou­s awards in the region – the Jim Baker medal at the Maranoa Business Awards.

She said it didn’t just recognise the work she had done, but all the staff at the aged care facility.

Mrs Calvert said March 8, Internatio­nal Women’s Day was a time to reflect how far women have come.

“It’s a time to be thankful to live in this era and this country with freedom and equality,” Mrs Calvert said.

She said she understood there was still a considerab­le way to go in regards to women’s rights, but for her industry predominan­tly being female-orientated, she said when she looked at management in nursing, women had climbed that ladder with their nursing background.

“Women typically have that emotional intelligen­ce and ability to emphasise and understand, so in business, being vulnerable is looked upon as a strength, not a weakness,” Ms Calvert said.

“That’s an important part when operating a business and working with people.”

Mrs Calvert thanked for her mother for teaching her to be empathetic and caring, and said it was probably the reason she was where she was today. Despite her mother living in Northern Ireland, they remain close.

“She always made sure I stayed true to myself and followed my dreams,” she said.

“She’s empathetic and kind, so I think I picked that up, she always told me to respect others and rise above others.”

Mrs Calvert said there was no limit to what women could do.

 ?? Photo: Supplied ?? FORGING AHEAD: Roma Pinaroo nursing home CEO Melanie Calvert.
Photo: Supplied FORGING AHEAD: Roma Pinaroo nursing home CEO Melanie Calvert.

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