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Premier’s decision


LET me advise readers that I am and have always been against the hub being built at Wellcamp and the Olympic Games being held in Queensland.

At least I can state my opinion in letters to the editor in this paper as no doubt many other readers are worried about their safety from Covid, due to all other quarantine facilities letting the virus escape.

It is not hard to work out why these contentiou­s issues are going ahead as Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has decided to go ahead with both proposals, the quarantine hub with 1000 beds which will be built by the Wagner Corporatio­n starting immediatel­y and is said to be ready to accommodat­e 500 people by the end of the year.

The premier has a perfect track record so far protecting all Queensland­ers from Covid, so let’s hope she is correct in this decision.

So far she has been spot on with decisions she has made, first by winning government, then keeping us safe from Covid, then winning government again, then winning the bid to hold the 2032 Olympics.

The Olympics that no one else wanted because of Covid; all countries are broke.

The government has a 12 month lease on the hub with options to extend the agreement for up to three years.

These decisions were made with no consolatio­n with voters from this region, health care profession­als or elected officials or anyone else.

The Prime Minister stated that the state government had been at liberty to build the facility and could have gone ahead months ago and good for them, despite the proposal not meeting national guidelines.

Let’s hope the Premier has made the right decision on this one and if she has she would be a walk in for prime minister.


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