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An extraordin­ary case of somnambuli­sm occurred in Toowoomba on Monday night – or rather towards dawn on Tuesday morning. The subject was a young lady of 16, residing on the range. On Tuesday morning, when the mistress of the house arose, she could find no trace of her help. Her hat and her boots were still in her bedroom, while her slippers were missing. However, as the young lady in question has a habit of walking to the brow of the range to greet the glories of dawn, it was surmised that something had delayed her. Later on, an enquiry at a friend’s place brought no response. Great consternat­ion took place as the hours passed without her appearance – especially as the girl was of a very quiet demeanor. The police were at last communicat­ed with. Meanwhile an awakening took place four miles out – the awakening of the somnambuli­st, and that by means of a collie dog. During the night the girl had dreamt that a relation of her master’s was ill and that she must proceed to her succour. The dreamer, under the sub-conscious impulse, then dressed herself during her sleep, but did not take her hat, and wore her slippers instead of her boots. She travelled over a road she had never traversed before, towards a friend’s home she had not seen before. However, she went past that home as was brought to the wakened state by the mischief of the collie dog. The girl then inquired for the house, and on being informed, proceeded thereto. She is not in the least the worse for her adventure, except for the loss of her slippers. The girl also learnt the gratifying news that the friend of whom she had dreamt was quite well. Needless to say, there was unbounded joy in the safe return of the somnambuli­st.

Glen Innes Examiner March 24, 1908

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