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Making mistakes is part of being human. The trick, is to learn from our past errors. Yet, some people put so much effort into dwelling on their faults that they waste precious time berating themselves. As a natural leader, what do you do? Actually, you’ve got so much to do that you probably don’t have a lot of time to answer that. In which case, suffice to say, that as the planet of ideas links to sparky Uranus today, you’ll be even more dynamic than usual. Any mistakes look highly unlikely. There’s no reason to punish yourself either.

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LEO JUL 24 – AUG 23

Would you mind consciousl­y opening your eyes and noting what you see, and then closing them again and focusing on that image? How do the pictures differ? In some ways, there’s a huge contrast, yet the images have more in common than you think. There’s a sense, in your world, that no matter which direction you look in, you’re seeing things that make you feel uncomforta­ble. Even the people you’re connecting with seem to be emanating concern. The movement of Mercury enables you to see that all is not as worrisome as you fear.

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You face an opportunit­y that seems less than ideal. While you recognise the potential it holds, you’re also aware that it’s the only realistic option available. That’s why you’re reluctant to take it. Not only would you prefer to have a choice, you’d like to find a perfect solution, and this feels more like a fingerscro­ssed, make-do-and-see scenario. As Mercury moves into a new sector of the sky, you can overcome your hesitation. Actually, there’s much more on offer than you think. An inspired way of moving forwards appears today.

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Some people think the cosmos has a grand plan for every single human being. That if we only pay attention to the subtle signs and whispers on the wind, we can flow through life with ease. Others find such a suggestion ridiculous. “Haven’t you heard of free will?” they ask. They’re much more likely to tell the cosmos, in no uncertain terms, what they desire and trust that it will happen. No matter which of these views suits your approach, rest assured that today’s Mercury/Uranus link highlights your adaptabili­ty and brings success.

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Sometimes we do things hoping they’ll make us feel better, but they leave us feeling more susceptibl­e. Imagine, for example, going out for a walk. Just as you’re starting to relax you notice ominously dark clouds forming overhead. A sudden downpour forces you to seek shelter, and your only option seems to be a tree but it is on the other side of a barbed wire fence. You manage to climb over, only to realise the fence it encloses a ferocious-looking bull. Aargh! There’s no need to overly protect yourself today. The storm is passing.

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Although you tend to downplay your talents, other people are aware of your abilities. Your far-sightednes­s, and your knack for playing the long game have put you in an admirable position. The only thing that threatens to blight your success is a tendency to move quickly and make assumption­s. This isn’t something that happens often, but as your understand­ing of a complicate­d situation begins to solidify, it’s worth bearing in mind. Stay as open-minded as possible and you’ll find a simple way to deal with a complex situation.

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Although you’re safely out of one emotional danger-zone, you’re still at risk of worrying yourself into a state of unnecessar­y anxiety. You’re not alone, though. No matter how much life encourages us, we’re all able to induce such states on ourselves. We seem to take pleasure in pinpointin­g potential problems and imagining how they might escalate until they spiral out of control and leave us feeling overwhelme­d. As your ruler links with innovative Uranus before moving into a new sign, it brings the insight to let go, and move on.

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As Mercury moves into your sign, you’re beginning to feel more comfortabl­e. You’ve made some important decisions recently, and are feeling more self-confident. Yet, although you’re aware of your ability to implement change, you’re still feeling daunted about an important matter. A recent experience has made you wonder if, by sorting out one problem, you’ll just create another. Would you be better off just letting things carry on as they are? Actually, Mercury’s link to Uranus enables you to see that you’ve made a great decision.

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“Every object, every being, is a jar full of delight. Be a connoisseu­r and taste with caution.” As your ruling planet, Uranus, links with Mercury, these words from the poet and philosophe­r Rumi, offer a gentle reminder of the wonders of life and the wisdom of moderation. You have a choice to make. Part of you wants to be pragmatic, another wants to throw caution to the wind and leap into the unknown. You’ve been patient, now it’s time to act. As long as you base your decisions on your innermost, wisest thoughts, you won’t go wrong. For free audio and video forecasts, visit


Some people are a nightmare to buy presents for. Whether it’s their expensive taste, their short-lived interests, or the fact they have everything they need, it’s easy to feel as if it’s impossible to ever get it right. Then there’s the reverse: the people who find it excruciati­ngly awkward to receive a gift. For them, the best present is being given permission to skip the process altogether. Yet, few things convey the depth of our feelings like a perfectly chosen gift. The cosmos offers this to you today. With its magic, anything’s possible.

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If you just continue plodding onwards, where will you get to? To answer that with accuracy, we’re going to need one more important detail. Which direction are you heading in? In theory, if you just keep walking on this spherical planet of ours, you’ll find yourself back where you started at some point, although you’d need a good boat to help you traverse the oceans that pop up along the way. If you’re feeling as if you’ve lost your sense of direction, the Mercury/Uranus link brings clarity and the vision you’ve been missing.

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Round and round and round we go. Again and again, we find ourselves facing issues that are surprising­ly similar to situations we’ve wrestled with before. Do we get any closer to solving them? If not, why not? Could it be that you’re reluctant to ask a tricky question for fear of what the answer might reveal? Today, as Mercury links with innovative Uranus before changing signs, you’ll find that peeking behind the curtain reveals something far more pleasant than you’d imagined. A sense of optimism is well deserved.

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