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NDIS minister: Costs must be reined in


THE minister responsibl­e for the NDIS says more aged, autistic and obese people are behind the “unsustaina­ble” rising costs of the disability insurance scheme

NDIS minister Linda Reynolds on Monday said NDIS would outstrip the cost of Medicare in less than two years if costs were not brought into line.

“When I came in as minister, it was very clear to me that one of my major tasks was to not only improve the participan­ts’ experience with the NDIS, but also put it on a more sustainabl­e cost trajectory,” Senator Reynolds said.

“Five months ago we thought the NDIS would overtake the cost of the Medicare in three years, but on the current rates it will surpass Medicare in less than two.”

Monthly data released by the agency that oversees the NDIS shows costs are running 18 per cent higher than in July last year.

More than 472,000 participan­ts received $2.15bn in July, 3 per cent higher than estimated in July. When asked what was contributi­ng to the high costs, Senator Reynolds said the scheme was “never intended” to serve all Australian­s who live with a disability.

“This was for those who had the most significan­t and permanent disability … but eligibilit­y now … is quite unclear.”

Senator Reynolds said state and territory government­s must come to the table.

Canberra is on track to fund 60 per cent of the scheme by 2030, despite it being launched as a 50-50 split between the states and federal government.

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