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Why not build more?


THE Wagner family and the State Labor Government are going ahead with the misnamed “Well Camp” quarantine centre.

Why have the Wagner’s and the State not get on with this in January? If as they say the population is in danger of the delta variant through hotel quarantine and the only solution is the quarantine centre only at Wellcamp, why have they delayed?

Indeed if they do this at Wellcamp then surely similar facilities can now be built at Townsville, Cairns, Rockhampto­n, Mackay, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast as well as say Redcliffe.

If all they are going to do is bus people about or take out several helicopter­s from their normal ambulance duties then they should build more than one facility.

The next question of course is who will get priority use of the helicopter­s, someone’s loved one in a health emergency situation or the Covid patient?

The chief health officer has not commented on Wellcamp. I wonder why? This is not her advice?

JOHN FRIEND, Toowoomba

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