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Bunker needs to do its job: Parker


BRISBANE and Queensland legend Corey Parker has urged the bunker to do “its job effectivel­y” or risk emotions spilling over during the NRL finals following a blowout weekend of judiciary charges.

The bunker has come under scrutiny for not acting promptly when the cheekbone of Roosters centre Joey Manu (pictured) was fractured by a high hit from South Sydney star Latrell Mitchell.

Mitchell’s forceful tackle, combined with 19 judiciary charges in round 24, raise concerns that there could be more suspension­s as the stakes increase in the finals.

Parker shares these fears but believes the bunker needs to improve when identifyin­g and correctly punishing illdiscipl­ine.

“The bunker needs to be used effectivel­y,” Parker said.

“A lot of the tension following Latrell’s hit could have been alleviated if the referees had sent him off.

“The Roosters players wouldn’t have been as frustrated because the tackle would have been dealt with straight away.

“But it took Joey Manu two times to intervene before anything was done about it – and then Latrell only received 10 minutes in the sin bin.

“The bunker was sitting there watching everything we saw at home and at the ground through forceful contact to Manu’s head, but didn’t act.

“Whereas in round 10, when the high-tackle crackdown was first enforced, they were jumping on everything.

“That is the frustratio­n for everyone in the game.”

Parker also said players had to take responsibi­lity for their ill-discipline, especially forceful contact to the head.

He expects there to be more suspension­s in the finals when the intensity increases.

“The players are also coming into the finals, which is ultimately the biggest part of the year, and you could have some really serious ramificati­ons,” he said.

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