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Affirmativ­e voice


I’D LIKE to add an affirmativ­e voice to the Wellcamp Quarantine Hub debate.

I have written previously supporting this decision and have not changed my position, and contrary to some opinions, there has been ample time for consultati­on and petitions etc.

Several points in favour: by the time this becomes operationa­l, most, if not all incoming passengers will have been required to be fully vaccinated. Health informatio­n tells us that fully vaccinated people are less likely to become seriously ill, or need hospitalis­ation.

It would be interestin­g to know how many people quarantine­d at the Howard Springs facility have needed hospitalis­ation.

Questions have been raised regarding staffing. It doesn’t matter what method of isolation is chosen. Staffing at all levels will be needed, and the risk of anyone “escaping” from Wellcamp is no more likely than from a mid-city hotel.

The accommodat­ion itself should be more hygienic and comfortabl­e for a 14-day stay than a city hotel, and far safer for the community as well, as there would not be other guests in that accommodat­ion.

Last but by no means least, hats off to the Premier and State Government for doing the job they are paid for, making decisions. It is obviously a divisive issue and that old saying that “you can’t please all of the people all of the time” was never more true, and still applies.

As for later use of the facility, I’m sure there will be many suggestion­s. P. RUDORFER, Highfields

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