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Vile killer takes whereabout­s of victims to grave


SERIAL killer Daryl Suckling has died in jail taking to his grave the secrets of where he buried his young victims.

Suckling, 84, who was serving a life sentence for the murder of Jodie Larcombe, 21, in 1987, was recently twice taken from jail to his killing fields outside Mildura where he told homicide detectives he could help them find Jodie’s body.

Despite a massive search, her remains were never found.

Her dad Ken Larcombe said on Tuesday that while he had now lost the chance of finding his daughter, he knew Suckling would never have told the truth.

“We would have never found her and he was never going to tell anyone where she was because of the other bodies of the girls he has out there,” Mr Larcombe said.

Suckling was working as a caretaker on remote Wyarama Station when he drugged and killed Jodie after abducting her from Melbourne. He had a rap sheet six pages long covering NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland, that included almost every crime in the book including carnal knowledge.

He had walked away from three rape charges and police believed there were more murder victims.

When he was finally arrested it was after the police Polair helicopter taped him looking for a fresh burial site on the NSW Central Coast for a woman he had targeted as his next victim.

Truck driver Mr Larcombe, who moved to Mildura to be close to Jodie, said he was not sure how he felt. His wife Dot suicided the day after Suckling lodged an appeal against his murder conviction. “It’s the end of a saga,” he said. Suckling died in Long Bay Jail hospital on Monday night of natural causes after suffering emphysema and other health conditions.

 ??  ?? Jodie Larcombe.
Jodie Larcombe.
 ??  ?? Daryl Suckling.
Daryl Suckling.

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