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Breaking barriers


WOMEN in sport numbers have increased dramatical­ly over the past two decades.

More women than ever are playing sport and support for major competitio­ns is on the rise.

There however is an arena – combat sports – which still carries certain stigmas.

Glaring proof of this is the fact that while boxing has been part of the modern Olympics since their inception in 1896 – women were not allowed to compete until the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Women worldwide however are doing their part to shatter the stereotype­s.

The Chronicle spoke to four Toowoomba athletes helping blazing a trail for others right here in the Garden City.

Meet the private school captain, former dancer, nurse and year 12 student with experience rivalling martial artists twice her age that proving anyone can find joy and fulfilment with a little discipline, passion and dedication.

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 ??  ?? Samantha Van Breda.
Samantha Van Breda.

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