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City MP lashes Premier over hub


TOOWOOMBA South MP David Janetzki labelled the Premier as “arrogant” and said she pushed forward with the Wellcamp Covid quarantine hub without providing details on how it would affect police, ambulance and health staffing.

Speaking in the Queensland parliament, Mr Janetzki said Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk dropped the announceme­nt without forewarnin­g key stakeholde­rs.

“I’ve spoken with (a local police office), and we might need another 50 or 60 police to deal with the quarantine facility,” he said

“What’s the modelling, how many ambulances will we need to transport Covid patients or those with serious illness to Brisbane?

“What do we need in terms of the health service?

“What protection­s are on offer for the local Toowoomba community?

“Not a single answer, and the arrogance of the Palaszczuk-Labor Government was on display.”

That figure of 50 extra police was met with confusion when put to the State Government which said the police service was still drawing up a plan for security operations.

Deputy Premier Steven Miles said the Wellcamp hub would require fewer police and health staff than the current hotel quarantine system, because it was purpose built.

“We’ve made it really clear that the Toowoomba community won’t go without, and frontline resources won’t be diverted from the community,” he said.

“All arms of the Queensland Government are working together to deliver this facility, because it’s going to help keep Queensland­ers safe.

“I’m not sure where David Janetzki is getting his informatio­n from.

“I hope he’s just misinforme­d and that’s he not straightou­t lying.”

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