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Family refuses to test for Covid


STAFF, teachers and families linked to a Gold Coast school closed after students “boasted” about travelling to Queensland from Victoria have been forced into quarantine as the family in question refuses to undergo Covid testing.

The Australian Internatio­nal Islamic College at Carrara was forced into lockdown after two students boasted to classmates that they had travelled to Melbourne with their family.The Carrara campus has now closed and students and staff have been asked to isolate.

A statement from the school said: “we are asking all students, staff and their household members who were present at the Carrara campus on Tuesday 31 August 20201 to isolate in their homes.

”At this stage this order will be in place until such time as testing results are known. There are no other requiremen­ts at this stage and we are hoping to update this further later today or tomorrow.”

The statement confirmed the Carrara campus will remain closed.

The family of five, which includes three children under the age of 10, was forced into quarantine but has refused to undergo Covid testing.

Chief health officer Dr Jeannette Young said the children were showing symptoms but she wasn’t sure if it was Covid.

”I desperatel­y hope this family will allow us to test them, it’s critical,” she said.

Dr Young said police were alerted after the children revealed to classmates that the family had travelled to Melbourne.

Dr Young said all members of the family remain in hotel quarantine and that there would be ramificati­ons for the entire school if they did not get tested.

“If the children are not tested, the entire school will need to quarantine for 14 days.”

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