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Quarantine hub


JUST a quick comment on a news item on TV as the Wellcamp hub news was being released.

In the background, behind those being interviewe­d, was a grader and a pad, obviously for the first unit.

So was it an already made decision, made behind the scenes and a dummy announceme­nt especially for the gullible public.

Most of us see, and I feel rightly so, no sense in having up to 1000 Covid infected persons, in a worst-case scenario out in the bush away from all facilities.

As Toowoomba’s three hospitals are running at overload capacity, any person needing hospital care urgently will need to be transferre­d to Brisbane, either by ambulance or by the rescue chopper.

We have proved to date that we can be kept Covid free. If we can keep this up where is the need for such a huge hub?

They are telling us from the other states that we’ll have to live with Covid always, from here on, but while I agree, Qld has shown that with due care we can be kept Covid free, provided everyone plays the game. That being so, what need have we for the hub?

A comment on an SMS in the Chronicle (TC, 31/08) regarding the Acland mine.

Wouldn’t it be a surprise if the Premier saw fit to make a similar announceme­nt regarding that project. It’s long overdue to get the go ahead.

RAY HARCH, Toowoomba

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