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After the death of Henry II, Richard Lionheart is crowned king of England.


Mamelukes under Sultan Qutuz defeat Mongols and Crusaders at Ain Jalut. 1346

Edward III of England begins the siege of Calais, along the coast of France. 1650

The English under Cromwell defeat a superior Scottish army under David Leslie at the Battle of Dunbar. 1783

The Treaty of Paris is signed by Great Britain and the new United States, formally bringing the American Revolution to an end. 1855

General William Harney defeats Little Thunder’s Brule Sioux at the Battle of Blue Water in Nebraska.


The French capital is moved from Paris to Bordeaux as the Battle of the Marne begins. 1916

The German Somme front is broken by an Allied offensive. 1918

The United States recognizes the nation of Czechoslov­akia. 1939

After Germany ignores Great Britain’s ultimatum to stop the invasion of Poland, Great Britain declares war on Germany, marking the beginning of World War II in Europe.

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