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Even if we’re in lockdown or don’t have friends and family with us, there are still plenty of reasons to celebrate a birthday. Things are uncertain these days, and many special birthday plans have been all but cancelled. People around Australia are missing out on celebratin­g birthday milestones with loved ones, and many are unsure when they will be able to have that big party again.

How to celebrate in lockdown

In the midst of it all, we can still do a lot to make birthdays special. Many of us have made the most of a bad situation by realising that celebratin­g during lockdown is still important. It not only gives us something to look forward to, but it also helps us focus on creating memorable moments in our lives with who is around us and what we have on hand.

We can also invite friends and family to help us celebrate through virtual chats and video calls. There is always something we can do to make the situation a little bit happier. Before you do anything, however, you’ll need to decide on the most essential part of a birthday celebratio­n: the cake! These simple cakes use staple ingredient­s but will go a long way to helping make your birthday feel special.

Cake ideas

Want something with a twist? Try our celebratio­n Jaffa cake for a fun take on classic chocolate. It boasts orange-flavoured chocolate with crunchy, crushed Jaffa ganache throughout. It will also look pretty good on a Zoom call.

If you have a gluten intolerant family member, why not try this gluten-free sponge cake?

If you’d like something with a bit of nostalgia, a Neapolitan slab cake will bring back memories. It tastes similar to a tub of everyone’s favourite retro ice cream and, since it’s so colourful, it will really set the tone for a fun birthday celebratio­n.

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