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IT HAS been an interestin­g reading this last week of developmen­ts in the design and constructi­on of the Inland Rail.

The just announced appointmen­t of a company to construct the Gowrie – Border section brings to a close the long discussion on the best overall route. The fact is that, except for a couple of very minor alteration­s, it will closely follow the original design.

This will be a matter of pride for Inland Rail as the preferred location was primarily based on low cost of constructi­on and operation.

The location and design of the Condamine River crossing was finally sealed by the panel of world renowned experts on flooding who accepted the location apparently without qualificat­ion and accepted the design at the same time requesting that some minor details be checked.

These experts considered the effect of every anticipate­d meteorolog­ical event in a manner no one else would even consider. People who live close to the crossing should now accept that it will be built at this location and they should now talk to the Inland Rail people regarding any perceived problems they have experience­d rather than try to reject the proposal outright.

The other developmen­t is the investigat­ion of adding a rail line directly between Gowrie and Gladstone by Inland Rail rather than the ill fated and long touted proposal of replacing the line to Gladstone rather than to Brisbane.

One needs a lot of informatio­n even to guess what the result will be but, if successful, it could mean a lot for Toowoomba.

PETER SHERIDAN, Kearneys Spring

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