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Growth isn’t always a comfortabl­e experience. In order to fulfil our potential, we have to let go of ideas that hold us back. Following Jupiter and Pluto’s uneasy relationsh­ip this weekend, the cosmos calls us to look closely at any aspects of our lives that are preventing progress. We’re all capable of unconsciou­s self-sabotage … and self-scrutiny isn’t easy. But it can help us to liberate ourselves from tired ways of being … and fly.


Follow the crowd, but don’t end up where everyone else is headed. Dive into the swimming pool, but don’t get wet. Be honest, but don’t get yourself (or anyone else) into trouble. Some things are easier said than done. And some things are better left undone, even if they’re easy to do. If a challenge is worth responding to, it will keep re-presenting itself until there’s no option other than to deal with it. But when an easy option makes itself obvious today, don’t be so caught up trying to stay trouble-free that you don’t take advantage of it. For free audio and video forecasts, visit

LEO JUL 24 - AUG 23

When we talk about messages ‘getting lost in translatio­n’, we seldom mean between our past and present selves. Yet that’s precisely the situation you find yourself dealing with today. Although it seems like someone’s barking up the wrong tree, is there a chance that you’ve miscommuni­cated something, or misremembe­red? You thought everything was clear, but, looking back, a ridiculous situation might not be so peculiar after all. Don’t allow a simple mistake to overshadow what could lead to a fruitfully creative collaborat­ion. For free audio and video forecasts, visit


The Grand Old Duke of York might have had ten thousand men but, as the nursery rhyme implies, marching them up and down hills didn’t get him very far. Like many of those old songs, the origins of this story have been long debated. Interestin­gly, York isn’t especially hilly; and, since it’s not a highly populated area, it’s hard to imagine where all those soldiers came from. Yet, in leading his troops up and down, the duke set a good, lasting example. You’re not obliged to ‘get anywhere’. Feel free to change your mind today. For free audio and video forecasts, visit


As with all the old stories, there’s a moral to the fairytale about the elves and the shoemaker. Sometimes, when we’re not looking, the celestial helpers jump in to assist us; when, no matter how miserable the day appears to be, fortune steps in to bring us something to smile about. There’s no way of predicting that this is going to happen; we can’t write it into our diaries or our contingenc­y plans. But at the moment, with Venus, your ruler, settling into a new sign, it seems that an ethereal force is reaching out to supply support. For free audio and video forecasts, visit


How badly do you need to do what you’re currently trying to do? Are you just going through the motions, or answering a deep calling? With dynamic Mars coming to the end of its time in your sign, there’s much you can still accomplish. Within reason, you can tie off some ends and finish off some of the tasks you’ve set yourself. The question is, though, will you end up with something you really need, or simply something you think you need? It’s because you’re capable of so much that you need to think so hard about what’s worth getting. For free audio and video forecasts, visit


‘It is important that justice should not only be done, but it should be seen to be done’. Reading these words of wisdom, we might expect them to have been uttered by one of the great Ancient Greek philosophe­rs. Yet they were spoken by a British judge in 1924. As a Capricorn, (like the person who said these words), you have a gravitas that commands respect, and a wisdom that belies your years. Trust your sense of right and wrong today. And don’t be afraid to voice the truth. You can make a real, lasting difference. For free audio and video forecasts, visit


Good things aren’t always easy to get. Rewarding outcomes can be difficult to attain. Yet, even when we’re struggling, we know when we’re doing the right things for the right reasons; every so often, something falls into place and provides reassuranc­e. Following the weekend’s challengin­g astrologic­al picture, a piece of the jigsaw you’re currently working on will appear. You might not be able to finish the puzzle. But it will enable you to see enough of the picture to get a clear view of what needs to be focused on next. For free audio and video forecasts, visit


Since they tell us that ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’, when that friend is in need of a good deed, it must be doubly true. In your life now, somebody’s going out of their way to do you a favour. If you’re unaware of this, it’s because they’re working behind the scenes. Or maybe, you have friends in extremely high places. As your ruler settles into a new sign, your guardian angel is pulling the cosmic strings on your behalf. Even though you might be feeling as if you’re struggling with an impossible situation, help is on its way. For free audio and video forecasts, visit


Why bother to follow your own advice? Why listen to a word you say? Can’t you safely assume that there’s someone else, not too far away, with more insight and ability than you? Let’s stop there. We’ve gone way too far into this prediction following an argument that’s meant to illustrate the unusual level of self-doubt you’re currently suffering from. We certainly don’t want to cement it. Although you’re feeling uncertain about a recent judgment, you have every reason to trust yourself. Do that, and others will trust in it too. For free audio and video forecasts, visit


Harmony is calm, pleasant and … well … a little bit boring. While we enjoy life’s lulls, they don’t hold our interest; they provide brief periods of respite from the busyness. So, we find ourselves stretching the time in between them further and further apart; piling on more and more things to do. And that’s fine. For a time. Yet recent events have left you feeling run down. You’re in need of a break. Although rest might feel like a luxury you can ill-afford, it’s worth its weight in gold. It’s important to find time for yourself today. For free audio and video forecasts, visit


With Venus, the planet of love in your sign, you’re beginning to feel more relaxed about some of the issues that have been making you feel ill-at-ease. You’re more able to focus on finding solutions and easier options. You’re starting to ignore the complexiti­es that surround a difficult situation; like insects drawn towards a fruit bowl, they need to be chased away, rather than encouraged. One thing in your life is sweet and simple. Trust that and dare to dream. It’s time to allow yourself to pursue some of your brightest hopes. For free audio and video forecasts, visit


In order to thrive in our world, we’re under pressure to look a certain way. We’re expected to wear the ‘right’ clothes to suit specific situations and have appropriat­e haircuts. Even our choice of fragrance reflects the image we send out. But why did it come to be this way? How did we become so susceptibl­e to media pressure? Today, you don’t need to worry about what other people think of you. Those who stand out for the right reasons stand out for doing things their own way. Just be you. You’re more than enough, just as you are. For free audio and video forecasts, visit

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