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Tributes flow for ‘selfless’ dad


TRIBUTES have flowed for ‘adoring’ dad and granddad Dennis ‘Bill’ Oberle following his sudden and tragic death, whose generosity and sense of humour touched many lives in the South Burnett region.

Bill’s daughter Kacee Oberle said her father was charismati­c and fiercely loyal man who wouldn’t hesitate to give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.

“He loved to make other people smile, even when he was hurting,” Kacee said.

“And he gave so much to other people. If anyone needed anything, if I needed anything, he was the first to take his shirt of his back and say ‘here be warm’.

“He’s unforgetta­ble. Charming and humorous and has a positive impact on everyone he meets.”

The 52-year-old father of three tragically died after his car veered off Wondai Proston Road and hit a tree in Proston on Sunday afternoon.

Kacee said her father never let her doubt the love he had for her.

She said he was always her rock when times got tough, particular­ly when it came to her daughter Evie, who she said was Bill’s pride and joy.

“He was the most adoring grandpa. He was amazing with my little girl. He lived for her,” she said.

Kacee said her dad had the most beautiful relationsh­ip with little Evie, who is ‘poppa’s little sidekick’, and a showed her off to the world with such pride.

Friend Scott Eggerling said Bill was not the kind to give a second thought about the opinions of people who did not matter to him, instead focusing energy on the ones he loved.

“He was just a good guy, and incredibly generous. He’d give you anything,” he said.

 ??  ?? Dennis ‘Bill’ Oberle pictured with his granddaugh­ter Evie.
Dennis ‘Bill’ Oberle pictured with his granddaugh­ter Evie.

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