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Hope in the midst of terrible crisis


WHAT a troubled world we are living in today.

Covid is producing fear, unrest, stress on health services, and thousands of deaths.

And yet we continue to hope.

Indeed hope is the main impulse that keeps us going.

Reflecting on what’s happening around us in the light of the sacred writings of history, listening to the cries of people, listening to my own heart brings me to write this:

Our biggest problem is individual­ism – our focus on me and my things.

We even make a priority, God help us, about my getting to heaven/paradise.

Surely we are being called by our own hearts, to a new way of living, a lifestyle that is more communal, interconne­cted with people, with nature.

The seed of hope planted within us will only come to fruition through relationsh­ips, conversati­ons, with people with nature. We simply cannot live life apart, on our own.

Hal Ranger St Patrick’s Cathedral

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