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Although the textbooks tell us Libra is all about diplomacy and harmony, speaking as a Libran, I know that sense of decorum slips when unfairness is encountere­d. As Mars enters Libra today, we may all find ourselves subject to righteous indignatio­n. That doesn’t necessaril­y mean burning bridges, but we might need to take action to ensure that situations become more even-handed. On this Internatio­nal Day of Democracy, it’s time to make actions count.


It’s amazing what you can achieve when you try. Although you know this (and have proven it many times), you’re still prone to self-doubt. That’s why you’re wondering whether you’re going to meet a target you’ve set yourself. You’re worried that something will go wrong. With your ruler, Mars, entering a new sector of the sky, this isn’t the time to give up on a dream. You have to pursue it, regardless of what happens. Just remember what you’ve accomplish­ed in the past. There’s a way to make progress that you haven’t thought of … yet.

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It’s interestin­g how people who would never think of strutting round wearing worthless bead necklaces as if they were a priceless jewellery items are happy to share their opinions, no matter how ill-thought-through they are. They voice them as if they were pearls from the oyster of understand­ing that dwells in the depths of the sea of wisdom. Someone you’re dealing with is talking a lot of rubbish. The problem is that they sound as if they know what they’re talking about. Pay close attention today. You’ll soon know who’s worth listening to. For free audio and video forecasts, visit


I thought I might find you like this, berating yourself for being unable to finish this task or that, and worried that you might be letting other people down. Will anyone ever trust you again? Of course they will. Actually, they can see just how much you’ve taken on. They know (possibly better than you do) how overstretc­hed you are. They also know that one person can only achieve so much. As Mars, the power planet, changes signs, it’s time to stop being hard on yourself and be proud of what you’re doing. Just keep taking baby steps. You’ve got this. For free audio and video forecasts, visit


It goes without saying that we should do our best to be considerat­e to the people we’re obliged to interact with. We have to put ourselves in their shoes, and imagine how we’d feel if someone spoke to us as we feel inclined to speak to them. So far, so obvious. You don’t need me to tell you this … except, that is, if you happen to find yourself in a situation in which the high levels of stress obscure what’s normally blindingly clear. Be as gentle and courteous with everyone (including yourself) as you can be today. For free audio and video forecasts, visit


The problem with “playing to our strengths” is that it implies that we’re better off avoiding our weaknesses. Yet it’s not always easy to differenti­ate between the two. And, even if we do correctly identify our weak points, isn’t it better to try to turn them into strengths? Life would be very dull and uninterest­ing if we just kept on trundling along the same old tracks. And it’s through courageous­ly facing up to challenges that we move out of our comfort zones and discover new roads to run down. You can face (and deal with) a fear today. For free audio and video forecasts, visit


“Dear Oscar, I need to know whether my astrologic­al outlook is positive or negative. Thanks (from an anxious reader).” Dear Anxious Reader, positive and negative are strange concepts. Sometimes, things that seem to be heading in the “wrong” direction turn out to be leading to treasure. And sometimes, situations that look perfect turn out to be problemati­c. If that sounds as if I’m sitting on the fence, I don’t care. Life isn’t straightfo­rward. As Mars changes signs, the situation is neither positive nor negative. It’s just empowering. For free audio and video forecasts, visit


Why would you ever turn down an offer that looks as if it’s worth accepting? Well, you might if, for example, the person who was recommendi­ng it was someone you didn’t trust. Or if you have reason to think that an even better offer lies on your horizon. Or if you suspect that there are hidden strings attached. Instinct and intellect are very different qualities. Although there may be convincing reasons for you to accept what someone’s saying, if something within you has its doubts, those doubts deserve to be listened to. For free audio and video forecasts, visit


One moment we’re baffled and confused, scratching our heads and feeling bewildered. The next, a light bulb goes on in the back of our mind and we know what to do. The path towards a “Eureka” moment is often tortuous. Since the hairpin twists and turns on the road to wisdom cause us to double back on ourselves, we often feel as if we’re not making any progress. We start to wonder whether we’re actually getting anywhere, just when we’re about to arrive. As dynamic Mars enters your sign, that’s exactly the point you’ve reached. For free audio and video forecasts, visit


The scientific community now broadly agrees that the universe was created 13.8 billion years ago in what’s known as “the Big Bang”. But this can never be more than speculativ­e theory, based on the evidence (and technology) available to us. There is, after all, no eyewitness to corroborat­e, and no written record to consult. The best we can hope to do is work with the informatio­n we have. History’s full of theories and ideas that were later proved to be inaccurate. Be gentle if you find yourself disagreein­g with someone’s ideas today. For free audio and video forecasts, visit


In an ideal world we’d be open-minded all the time. But wouldn’t that make it hard to reach a decision and make things happen? We’d all be wandering round with eyes like saucers in constant amazement. Experience teaches us to exert our will. Yet this tends to make us discontent. We’re briefly happy when we get what we’ve been trying to get, but are frustrated if it remains out of reach. Our minds, which we’ve closed to other ideas, are now closed to the idea that it’s OK just to feel OK. You don’t have to reach a decision today. For free audio and video forecasts, visit


How busy are you today? How many meetings are scheduled? Have you forgotten any Zoom calls? Or remembered to pay off your credit card? And what about your online shopping? I understand, I really do. You’re busy. But I just need to ask one question: how enthused and focused are you on the tasks ahead? Perhaps the only thing that’s more important than the quantity of work is your commitment to it. And for that you need priorities. If you focus on what really matters, you’ll be empowered and efficient. For free audio and video forecasts, visit


There’s nothing wrong with having expensive tastes as long as you have the means to indulge them. Yet if our likes and dislikes inspire us to make unwise decisions, they create problems. Even though a little of what we fancy does us good, a lot can be detrimenta­l. The problem is that we don’t always find it easy to resist overindulg­ing. Something in your life is proving to be almost irresistib­le. You’re not sure whether you should try to summon your reserves and back away. As Mars changes signs, strength and clarity are on offer. For free audio and video forecasts, visit

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