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Tour guide apologises for crocodile biting his arm


A MAN bitten by a crocodile while on a river cruise in the Northern Territory said he should have used a hook rather than his hand to retrieve an object he dropped in the water.

Tour guide Sean Dealy, 60, was in good spirits when he appeared on the Today Show on Wednesday with his arm in a plaster cast after the animal attacked him in front of tourists.

Mr Dealy sustained “serious injuries” to his arm and hand while on the cruise on Darwin’s Adelaide River on Monday and was taken to Palmerston Regional Hospital.

The crocodile, believed to be about three to four metres long, bit him on the arm as he was throwing meat to birds of prey on the cruise.

Mr Dealy said he would “usually use a hook to pull things out of the water”.

“I put my arm out to the back and sure enough I’ve lifted a crocodile up and I thought: ‘Oh my God, what have I got here?’ And it’s hanging off me arm.”

He said luckily the crocodile didn’t twist and he managed to get his arm back as the animal dropped into the water.

“Basically I apologised for my stupidity and I said I’ve just been bitten by a crocodile,” the man said. “We were at the end of the tour, thank God.”

 ?? ?? Sean Dealy on the Today Show.
Sean Dealy on the Today Show.

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