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1399 Henry IV begins his reign as king of England. He rules until his death, due to ill health, in 1413.

1813 The “holey dollar” and “dump” coins become legal tender in NSW. With a shortage of currency in NSW, the British government bought $40,000 worth of Spanish coins in India and sent them to NSW in 1812.

1817 After eight years, John Macarthur returns to Sydney on the Lord Eldon, allowed back on the proviso he will not return to public affairs.

1846 Boston dentist William Morton uses ether as an anaestheti­c for the first time, while extracting a tooth from a patient, Eben Frost.

1891 French general Georges Boulanger, who led a right wing movement that threatened to topple the Third Republic in the 1880s, commits suicide in exile in Brussels over the grave of his mistress.

1915 HMAS Brisbane, the first cruiser built in Australia, is launched at Cockatoo Island, Sydney Harbour.

1976 Australian radio soap opera serial Blue Hills ends after 33 years on air. Grannie Bishop, played by Queenie Ashton (pictured), gets in the last word on Episode 5795. The soap opera began as The Lawsons.

1999 BHP ceases steelmakin­g in Newcastle after 84 years. About 1500 steelworke­rs march in a farewell parade.

2005 Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten prints controvers­ial drawings of Muhammad. The publicatio­n of the drawings led to global protests.

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