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TV host Silvia Colloca is an accomplish­ed chef and author of several cookbooks. She is married to actor Richard Roxburgh

Do you get your five a day?

Yes, every day; and I try to sneak them into my kids’ meals as well.

Have you ever dieted?

If you consider pasta a diet, then yes.

Sleep or sex?

I will politely say, none of your business.

What is your absolute blowout meal?

Pizza night at home and we do giant trays of pizza loaded with anchovies.

Have you had any operations? Broken bones?

No, thankfully all intact.

What’s been your biggest health mistake?

I wish I had started regular exercise in my teens, it would be more of a subconscio­us routine.

What regular vitamins do you take?

I tend to get my vitamins from my food. The Birds Eye Plant-Based Mince is a source of iron, B12, and zinc. I’m an ambassador for them. My recent obsession is stuffing baby zucchinis with plant-based mince, chilli, and capsicum (lots of vitamin C).

What health advice would you have given yourself 10 years ago?

Don’t stress so much. It’s not helpful from a problem-solving point of view.

Would you have plastic surgery? Botox?

I haven’t so far. Hopefully I’ll keep it that way!

What is your guilty pleasure in life?

Double scoop of gelato. Or one of my fave go-to dishes is pasta with Birds Eye PlantBased Meatballs. And I use the leftover meatball sauce to stuff bread rolls too. Amazing!

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