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Following Venus’s harmonious link with Neptune yesterday, it now makes a dynamic link to excitable Jupiter. Taken together, the encouragin­g cosmic climate indicates we can afford to loosen up and have some fun. That doesn’t mean ignoring the hurt we’ve suffered or forgetting the pain of the past. But it does involve trying to let go and see the bigger picture. Positive signs of growth are becoming apparent. Whatever we’ve invested in will start to reap rewards.


What’s between you and your goal? Has someone, in a fit of pique, decided to cut off your access to essential resources? Or has your noble steed, having taken a look at the finishing line, decided that they’ve had enough, thank you very much, and dug their hoofs in? Jockeys who find themselves in such a position wouldn’t think twice before using their whip. But you’re not a jockey – and there are other options available. If you have a choice between a carrot and a stick today, choose the former. You’re closer than you think.

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“Everybody’s got a hungry heart” is a Bruce Spingsteen lyric that sums up one of humanity’s most apparent traits. We all want more than we’ve got. We can’t seem to help ourselves; we seem to be made that way. And amid the ups and downs of life’s rich experience­s we learn that sometimes, when the cosmos is smiling on us, we can end up getting more than we want. As your ruler, the Sun, links with Jupiter, that might just happen to you today. You’re about to find real reasons to feel optimistic and hope-filled.

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You’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently, considerin­g all the different options you face. You’re still processing informatio­n and exploring your emotions. Your understand­ing has grown, but you’re aware that you haven’t quite seen the full picture. Today, as Jupiter is energised by the Sun and Venus, expect more revelation­s. And as the missing gaps are filled in, prepare to be inspired by what you discover. Your prospects are brighter than you think. The opportunit­ies opening before you are full of exciting potential.

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Even if you’re unsure about what you want, at least you’re clear about what you need. As events unfold today your certainty will be strengthen­ed. There’s no turning away from the cosmic invitation being extended to you. It’s not so much a request as a demand. As your ruling planet, Venus, links with lucky Jupiter, your best bet is to comply with grace and interest. You’re not in this particular situation by accident. And assistance is at hand. If you do your best it will be enough. It will also help you see what you want.

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There’s such a thing as “empathetic exhaustion” or “compassion fatigue”. When we’ve heard the same story over and over again it’s possible to run out of sympathy, compassion and patience. So … does that make us bad people? Of course not. It’s just that we’ve expended so much energy on others that we’ve drained our reserves and resources. It’s important to keep something back for ourselves. As the Sun and Venus link with abundant Jupiter, take a little “me time” today. You’ll be re-energised and get back to your loving, helpful self.

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Everyone has unfinished business. We all have “to do” lists that seem to be never-ending. According to psychologi­sts, the inability to complete tasks goes back to our childhood. As adults we do our best to break free from emotions that were appropriat­e in the past, but no longer serve us … yet we find ourselves behaving in ways that indicate growing older isn’t the same as growing up. We all have an inner child whose voice needs to be heard. Don’t worry about what you need to “finish” today. Allow yourself some time to play.

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When you shout “jump” do people ask “how high?” Or do they get irritated and want to know who you think you are to be making such demands? Under today’s cosmic climate you’ll find that where you’ve been meeting resistance, you’ll experience acquiescen­ce. Even people who’ve been obstinatel­y unwilling to do their fair share (let alone jump) will find it difficult to resist your charm. You’re in a powerful position – not only can other folk sense it, they’re ready to cling to your coat-tails. You can encourage teamwork that leads to success.

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Imagine what life would be like if memory only worked in the present moment. If we had to actually relive a past event in order to review it in our mind’s eye? There’d be no fastforwar­ding to the best parts. When we’re trying to remember details this would be extremely helpful. But for the most part it would be boring. We might not be able to time-travel, but we’re adept at speeding up and slowing down our past. You’ve been patiently waiting for a change to take place. Today’s auspicious cosmic climate allows you to fast-forward.

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For one reason or another we often find ourselves unhealthil­y attached to our problems. Maybe we treat them like puzzles, revelling in unpicking the knots and decoding the patterns. Or we like having something to complain about. Or perhaps we derive a degree of comfort from their familiarit­y – after all, “better the devil you know”. So what problem are you up against today? The kind that you can get the better of, or one that will get the better of you? Luckily, under the current cosmic climate, it’s the former. You’ve got this.

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We tend to think of fame and fortune as being inseparabl­e. It’s almost as if it’s impossible to have one without the other. Yet the two aren’t invisibly linked. It’s the same thing when it comes to love and understand­ing, age and wisdom, youth and beauty. Have you been jumping to conclusion­s and wrongly making an assumption? Just because two things look as if they go together, it doesn’t mean they should. If you can re-evaluate and change your expectatio­ns, you’ll create a sense of harmony. Surprising­ly good things will result.

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Most of us don’t have much awareness of “ethereal spirits”. We can choose either to believe in psychic experience­s or not. And with no hard evidence to prove the existence of celestial helpers and wish-granting fairies, it’s easy to assume these entities don’t ever interact with us. We can be as sceptical as we want. Yet with Venus in your sign, linking to abundant Jupiter today, if you’re open to the idea of something somewhere looking after you, you’ll see tangible proof that supports your belief. Good things are coming your way.

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If we were capable of quantifyin­g everything we didn’t know we’d feel microscopi­c. Since human beings intrinsica­lly place their own existence at the centre of the universe, such a realisatio­n might be catastroph­ic. Given all that, perhaps it’s unsurprisi­ng that we try to protect ourselves by upsizing our achievemen­ts and shouting any successes from the rooftops. Under today’s auspicious cosmic climate, if you become aware of a gap in your knowledge, believe it or not, that might be a good thing. All will still be fine.

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