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THE history of Dalby and its eccentrici­ties that makes it great have been torn apart by a popular Facebook page, with a reputation for calling cities “sh-t”.

Sh-t Towns of Australia released their interpreta­tion of Dalby on Monday, and why it should be included on their long list of targets from across the nation.

Run under pseudonyms Rick Furphy and Geoff Rissole, the Facebook page liked by 342,299 people has notoriousl­y written off all capital cities in Australia, as well as letting loose on smaller, regional towns such as Dalby.

For the Western Downs community, they didn’t hold back with a colourful rundown of what visitors could expect when making their way to Dalby.

“Most regional towns spruik themselves with the old cliche ‘where city meets country’,” the post read.

“Dalby is more ‘where country meets country’ (or more accurately, ‘where incest meets boredom’). The town has a rich rural diversity, which means it stinks of at least four different types of animal sh-t.”

They said Dalby was so dull that it made “the nearby retirement home of Toowoomba look like Surfers Paradise at schoolies (only with more pill-popping and even more orgies)”.

Some of the more stinging criticism went back to Dalby’s historical days, when they claim the

town was used as a “gulag for tuberculos­is patients” in the 1900s.

They then took aim at the monument for the South American cactus moth or “mothument” being listed as an attraction on Wikipedia.

If that wasn’t scathing enough, they ended on a classic for any town, saying the best attraction was the road out of Dalby, being “largely one lane and riddled with potholes.”

The comments had those who took the post for a laugh, and those who went into bat for their town.

“You forgot to mention Dalby is that flat, you can't clutch start a car unless you have a doz (sic) people pushing it,” Jacky Irons wrote.

“Nothing wrong with the place, I grew up there as a kid and had a ball,” Mark Scully said.

“Once sat by the creek in Dalby and watched a duck try to murder another,” Andrew Smith posted.

 ?? Picture: Sam Turner ?? The township of Dalby.
Picture: Sam Turner The township of Dalby.

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