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Withdrawal of public lands from sale

An order has been received from the Survey Office, Brisbane, to withdraw all government lands from sale in the vicinity of Toowoomba, with the exception of the agricultur­al reserves, until the issue of further orders. We presume this order has been issued for the purpose of reserving land from sale situated on and near the line of railway intended to be constructe­d.

The Railway Bill

On the 22nd ultimo, Dr Hobbs move, in the Legislativ­e Council, that the word “Toowoomba: be struck out, and the words “the Darling Downs” be substitute­d in its place for the purpose of enabling the Government to select another route, if they deemed it desirable. The amendment was lost, and the original motion carried. The third reading of the bill was ordered to take place yesterday. The “Census Bill” and “Imported Game Bill” were read a third time on Friday last.

New Publican’s License Granted

A license was granted by the Bench of Magistrate­s on Monday last to Mr Josiah Hall, for the opening of a public house opposite Eton Farm, on the road toward Gowrie. The above will no doubt prove a profitable speculatio­n, the principal traffic through Toowoomba passing in that direction.

The Toowoomba Chronicle and Queensland Advertiser, September 3, 1863

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