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Climate change


REGARDING the story about Garth Hamilton. I read the story with interest.

I would like you to think about your comments you made about your support of the man-made part in the global warming story because the world has been warmer and cooler long before man was running any sort of industrial equipment.

In the 1500s the world was warmer and that can be proven by checking out history.

1700s Europe was cooler because volcanoes erupted and had a devastatin­g effect on the weather patterns and the crops failed. Nothing man made here.

The data is now based on graphs that only go back to 1947 and that is not enough time to make these assumption­s on.

Our world changes and it always will but those who want to make us poorer by pushing net emissions by 2050 or whatever date they decide are not prepared to really study the history of the world’s climate.

I always say “Follow the money trail”.

I am also so sick of hearing the children being brainwashe­d with this propaganda in our school system too.

The teachers should concentrat­e on the writing, reading and arithmetic.

We need our base load power so that our industries can carry on and so that they can afford to keep their businesses running.

One only has to look at what has happened in England and Germany in recent times to see what happens to a country when you depend on wind and solar … They are now paying a fortune for gas to keep up with supply when these failed.

I do believe that the Quiet Australian­s have not changed their mind about this matter and the Liberals and the Nationals should not be careless with their vote. ROSEMARY MORLEY, Toowoomba

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