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Hot van wrecked in crash


POLICE are searching for a group of thieves who left a path of destructio­n after they stole a Kia Carnival and crashed it into a parked car.

Police said the van was stolen from Rangeville on Wednesday night and was observed on several occasions driving around Toowoomba.

This included buzzing past the Toowoomba Police Station. The thieves fled after crashing the van into a car parked in Buckland Street in Harristown. Anyone with informatio­n is urged to contact Policelink on 131 444.

In an unrelated incident, paramedics transporte­d a woman to the Toowoomba Hospital after she suffered a minor foot injury in a two-car crash at the intersecti­on of Ruthven Street and Stenner Street about 9.15pm on Thursday evening.

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