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Kids hear dad’s abuse


A MAN who unleashed an appalling torrent of abuse on his ex-partner after she started a relationsh­ip with his best friend has faced court for breaching a domestic violence order.

The Warwick man first targeted his ex-partner when he picked up the woman and two of their four children from Tooth St about 5pm on August 29, after the trio had spent a few days with the woman’s new partner and man’s former best friend.

Warwick Magistrate­s Court was told the 41-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, got out of the car and started yelling at his partner “I bet you f--ked him”.

Prosecutor Bettina Trenear said the woman tried to tell her ex-partner she’d moved on, but he continued to become enraged, shouting “You’re going to give me a f--k when you get home!” before throwing her handbag to the ground, smashing a pair of sunglasses inside.

Ms Trenear said the woman then called her new partner and police went to her home to speak with her, and during the interview saw her ex drive past the home twice.

He was eventually intercepte­d several hundred metres from the house, and told officers he understood the nocontact condition of the domestic violence order taken out against him, but agreed he hadn’t been of good behaviour.

The Warwick court heard it was only weeks later, between September 8 and 16, that the father-of-seven sent a series of demeaning voice messages via text to the woman.

Ms Trenear said these included calling the woman “f--king idiot”, “you f--king wanker”, and a “d--khead”, again breaching the domestic violence order put in place only weeks earlier in July.

When police caught up with the Warwick man after the woman reported the texts, he admitted to sending the messages, but claimed his ex sent just as many insults back to him.

The man also failed to attend the Warwick police station as directed on September 6.

His defence lawyer told the court his client was often on the road for work, and was heartbroke­n when he found out his partner and best friend had started a relationsh­ip.

“He’d been bringing home the bacon and doing the best he could to be a good father and partner, had no issues with drugs or alcohol, and then he was confronted with the fact she became involved in a relationsh­ip with his best mate,” he said.

“The name-calling you heard in relation to the second count was half the conversati­on – they’d been trading insults.”

Magistrate Roger Stark slammed the man’s conduct and warned him to abide by the conditions of the domestic violence order in the future.

“Your behaviour was appalling and it occurred in front of two of your children – just imagine how it impacts on them,” Mr Stark said.

The man pleaded guilty to two counts of contraveni­ng a domestic violence order and one count of contraveni­ng a police requiremen­t.

He was placed on probation for 12 months and fined $100.

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