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Carnival boost


EXCITING to read this week that there was a Carnival of Flowers economic boost to Toowoomba and the region.

Thousands of locals and visitors, particular­ly visitors, enjoyed our wonderful home gardens and treasured the moments of exploring so many that opened.

The home gardeners and exhibition gardeners who generously give of their time and energy for not just 10 days a year, but 12 months of the year are a celebrated collection of heroes to our carnival. How can we thank you enough.

Well maybe some of the businesses in the city, who have had a boom carnival month may consider putting their hands in their pocket and making a donation to The Chronicle Home Garden winners/ entrants as an individual gesture – these gardeners fund their gardens each year at great cost – and we as a community benefit from their decades of generosity.

Most of these gardeners are the mums and dads and friends in our community, and they love what they do – but for many with time it becomes a cost that continues to rise.

The community would not have any idea of the year-long costs of these gardens, but as a community Toowoomba would not be the Garden City and attract the volumes of happy visitors to our gardens that we have seen this year, if it weren’t for these gardeners.

The gesture from business does not need to be a grand moment – perhaps pick a garden that you may like to acknowledg­e, knock on their door and put your hand in your pocket and say thanks, we value you and the work you do. Worth considerin­g? Thanks gardeners.

It’s the future we need to consider – and for 2021 – let’s make a difference – the gardeners made a difference to your September takings, a surprise something to make a difference to their contributi­on. BARB McGOVERN, friend of the gardeners

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