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Johno, Middle Ridge


■ Very disappoint­ing The Chronicle readers, not one letter or sms decrying my suggestion to move to daylight saving on Sunday. Can only assume you’re all in favour.

■ Now is the time Queensland­ers, the Federal Government has done it’s job, three different Covid vaccinatio­ns available for everyone over 12 years just to walk into the chemists, some medical centres and the vaccinatio­n hubs. You can become some of the many, responsibl­e people who care about the vulnerable

NH, Toowoomba

■ I just had to let you know what I recently learnt, it’s incredible, who would of ever thought. I was in YouTube and this channel did a video on harmful food you never knew about. Well I initially thought it’s just got to be bs so I checked it out. World Health Organisati­on states that group 1 carcinogen­s include other than tobacco and asbestos, hot dogs!!! Yep that good old Frankfurt by world health is a group 1 carcinogen. Have you ever seen a label warning us? I never have. Why is that? There are others listed that will shock you, and will make you say “I never knew “and maybe we can find out why we are not informed about what we are eating? Maryann, Kingsthorp­e

■ I would like to congratula­te the Eastern Kuku Yalanji people on their historic moment of the Daintree National Park returned to their ownership.

Dave, Twmba

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