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Jeremy Diddler Wanted

That very interestin­g individual, who, under the sobriquet of William Archer, lately fleeced some of our townspeopl­e, is anxiously being looked after by the police, there having been a warrant issued against him at the instance of Mr JN Fisher, one of the victims of his duplicity.

He is described as being about 30 or 35 years of age, six feet or six feet one inch high, complexion dark, with dark moustache and whiskers, features elongated, cast of countenanc­e indicating moroseness, and having a slight stoop and long stride in walking.

He is supposed to have gone in the direction of the Dawson or Surat, having passed through Dalby.

It is to be hoped his career of crime may speedily be checked.

The cause of his proving so successful as a sharper in Toowoomba may be traced to the fact that two or three brothers by the name of Archer, of wellknown respectabi­lity, reside at Gracemere, near Rockhampto­n, and he was supposed to be a member of that family.

The Toowoomba Chronicle and Queensland Advertiser, September 3, 1863

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