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I’m a Honda loyalist having owned a 430,000km Accord Euro and my wife a 2006 Civic. I recently bought a new Civic and only afterwards learned of Honda’s new business model. Do you think Honda will survive in Australia? I believe they’re expecting a 50 per cent sales drop? I’m concerned our vehicles will be left unsupporte­d by an alienated dealer network. Kevin Grice, email

Honda launched its fixed-price business model in July and had predicted its current sales slump while the business transforms. Lockdowns and the current semiconduc­tor shortages won’t have helped matters. Honda is justifiabl­y a much loved and respected brand and I believe it will survive here. Honda itself says it’s here to stay, but even if the worst happened, as with Holden, Australian consumer law means owners you must be supported – warranty, service and parts – for an undefined “reasonable” period. Holden made a commitment to provide support for 10 years.

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