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Steps to social media success

- Source: Alisha Marfatia, director of The Social Impact

● Consistenc­y is key: Try to stick to similar days, timings and quantity of posts per week. ● Quality over quantity: Whatever you do share, be sure that the visuals and value are high quality. It’s so much more valuable to share two “value packed” posts than 10 boring, fairly average posts.

● Audience: Get clear on who your audience is right from the moment you start. Be really aware of who you are trying to target.

● Diversity: Offer more than just one type of content. For example, I might share tips for Instagram, but I also share content around mindset, as well as “female business owner” related content.

● Plan ahead: Rather than posting as you go, plan 1-2 weeks ahead. This will allow you to see better results and be more efficient with your time.

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