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- Phil Jamieson

Like so many artists, this veteran rocker is champing at the bit to hit the road. His ARIA-winning band Grinspoon headlines the Spring Loaded festival next month, alongside Oz rock greats including You Am I, Jebediah, Regurgitat­or and Magic Dirt.


I just finished Mr In-Between on Foxtel, which I absolutely loved. I’ll never hear the word “champ” the same way. I was really upset when it ended at season three. I dipped my toe into The White Lotus (Foxtel) but that was rubbish, I tried Nine Perfect Strangers (Amazon Prime) but that was rubbish also, and I just finished The Sparks Brothers, which I adored.


I’ve just finished Richard Osman’s first novel The Thursday Murder Club because I am a sucker for crime. I’m on to his second now, The Man Who Died Twice, which I think is better than the first. I got a subscripti­on to The Monthly for Father’s Day, which I’m loving, and the new one just arrived in the mail with Joe Biden on the front.


I’ve been slow cooking chilli and using Yumi Stynes’ The Zero F---s Cookbook. I did tofu steaks out of that the other day and she does some really good salads in there as well. At the moment my dining table is my Mexican pop-up called La Bambas and has lots of delicacies on it in about 700 ramekins.


I’ve been listening to Chopin in the mornings, Lady Gaga, Genesis Owusu, the new Courtney Barnett (pictured) single which is really good, Tropical F--- Storm, all the usuals when I get around to it. Genesis as well, weirdly, and sometimes Huey Lewis and The News, and the Beverley Hills Cop soundtrack.

Grinspoon headlines the Spring Loaded festival, which tours nationally in November and December. Dates and details

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