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Thousands of Australian­s are already walking around with iPhone 13s and sixthgener­ation iPad Minis in their hands following Apple’s big September launch.

But with sizeable purchases come great responsibi­lity. Specifical­ly, it is a smart idea to make sure those devices are well charged, well protected, and doing as much for you as they can.

These 10 accessorie­s are designed to protect and serve the new gadgets and some may even save you some heartache.

ZAGG Gear4 Milan Snap $60,

This case promises to protect your new iPhone from drops as high as 4m off the ground. While few people would recommend testing that, it’s a reassuring promise. This Gear4 case is also made from recycled plastic, is slimmer than you might expect, and is compatible with MagSafe accessorie­s so you can clip it to a stand or add a wallet as needed.

Twelve South StayGo Mini $90, twelvesout­

It may be small but the sixthgener­ation iPad Mini has some grunt in its slim form and this unique hub can help users make more of it. The StayGo Mini plugs into the USB-C connection the new iPad and lets users connect a USB-C cable, standard USB device, headphones, or an HDMI cable to plug it directly into a TV. It could be particular­ly useful if editing video, backing up photos, or plugging in speakers.

Moment Pro Tripod Mount $100,

Apple focused on video upgrades in its latest iPhones so it makes sense for buyers to connect their new machines to a tripod. This addition from Moment makes that easier by using the phone’s magnetic mount to keep it secure and adding an adjustable cold shoe above the iPhone to attach a microphone or light. The mount screws in to standard tripod fittings.

Logitech Keys-To-Go $110,

Apple’s redesigned iPad Mini was an understate­d star of its recent announceme­nt and this keyboard can help users get even more from it. Logitech’s lowprofile Bluetooth keyboard comes with an attachable stand to keep the Mini upright, is available in three colours, and will hold a charge for three months. It’s also spill-resistant and can also be connected to an iPhone or Apple TV.

Belkin Magnetic Fitness Phone Mount (above) $50, harveynorm­

Home workouts are better with (a) video instructio­ns and (b) video distractio­ns. That’s the thinking behind Belkin’s MagSafe gadget that will secure your iPhone 13 to your home fitness equipment, be it on the handle of an exercise bike or the flat side of a weights machine. This fitness mount features magnets on both sides and a ball joint so you can change its angle.

Mophie 3-in-1 Stand $130, /au

This device is one to rule them all (all Apple gadgets). The Mophie 3-in-1 Stand is equipped to recharge an Apple Watch on one end, AirPods on the other, with an iPhone 13 in between them. It does require users to install their own MagSafe charger ($65) but could eliminate a tangle of cords.

ZAGG Glass Elite Privacy $60,

This canny iPhone 13 screen protector doesn’t just ward off scratches but also works to fend off prying eyes. The glass screen is available for all of Apple’s new models and promises strong scratch resistance as well as an antimicrob­ial treatment to help repel bacteria and shading that makes it hard for bystanders to see unless they’re directly in front of the phone.

Twelve South Forte $65,

This handy white stand will let you watch movies on your iPhone 13 in landscape mode, read notificati­ons in portrait mode, or drop some compatible AirPods on top for wireless charging. The stand requires an Apple MagSafe charger ($65) but could be a handy addition to your desk or bedside table.

Belkin Magnetic Car Vent Mount $60,

This device is small but could be seriously useful in the car. It is designed to slip on to the air vent of any vehicle and features a MagSafe landing pad for the iPhone 13. It will hold the phone in portrait or landscape mode (the latter is more useful for navigation) and a charging cable can be wrapped around it.

Apple MagSafe Duo Charger $199,

The new Apple Watch might not be available yet but this fold-up, fold-out gadget is a handy device to have if you’re using a current Watch and a new iPhone. The device features magnetic charging pads for both devices and will power up both at once or fold over to accommodat­e just one.

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 ?? ?? The Belkin Magnetic Fitness Phone Mount is designed to hold an Apple iPhone 13 in place on fitness equipment.
The Belkin Magnetic Fitness Phone Mount is designed to hold an Apple iPhone 13 in place on fitness equipment.

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