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Redwood Park


I NOTE the recent debate regarding the expansion of mountain biking on the escarpment and Redwood Park.

I would like to address the notion that mountain biking is not compatible on conservati­on or environmen­tal grounds.

A new South Australian National Park near Victor Harbour is a haven for threatened and endangered species. The SA government is investing $3 million into building mountain bike and walking trails with full support of local environmen­tal groups and state department­s.

Tasmania allows mountain biking in their national parks as does Queensland. The Sunshine Coast has invested heavily in minimal impact recreation­al facilities in national and state parks.

Studies conducted by the US National Park and Wildlife Service and the NSW Department of Environmen­t found that mountain biking has a similar level of impact as hiking and less than that of equestrian use, and that there is no scientific data to indicate that mountain bikers have a greater negative impact on wildlife compared to other trail users.

Properly constructe­d recreation­al trails for both hiking and mountain biking can add significan­tly to the usage of what should be, Toowoomba’s most valuable asset, generating significan­t economic value.

There are no rational or evidenceba­sed reasons why the council should not implement its recreation­al plan for the park.


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