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- AMANDA ROSE The founder of Small Business Women Australia, Amanda is a key mentor and career adviser

THIS WEEK: How to research a job before the interview

Why spend three hours of your time showing how good you are for a potential job you might not like? Instead, pick up the phone. When job ads say “Call for more informatio­n”, the hiring manager is wanting to see who will call them.

If the job ad is vague, you can say: “This particular role interests me, could you let me know the title and actual job descriptio­n of the role?”

If they have no more informatio­n than what is in the job ad, tell them: “I can’t apply for a job if I don’t know what is required of me and what the role is.”

You can’t sell yourself against a list of criteria you don’t know exists.

Ask questions such as: How many people are reporting to me? Who would I be reporting to?

Unless you are a quick learner and not worried about software and technical skills, you kind of want to know about those things, too. Ask before you get in.

Ask for a salary range before you interview as well, and what experience and qualificat­ions they would be looking for to get the top of that range.

Put them on notice that you know your stuff, you know your value, and you are considerin­g whether you want to apply or not.

Hirers are purposely vague because they want to see what they get when they throw a wider net.

They are vague with money, also, to see how low you will go.

You might read the job descriptio­n or hear the answers to your questions and realise that is not the job you want, and you have saved yourself hours of pain.

How many times do you apply to a bunch of roles because you want a job so badly then you get there and realise “I don’t want this”?

It’s also very strategic to call up to find out more informatio­n before you apply, so you will be top of mind when you send your applicatio­n.

Once you are in the job interview, that is when you can ask for more detail about the dynamics of the role. For example, how large is the team? How does it work with other teams? Who was in the role before? What is expected in the first three months of the role? What are you looking to achieve by hiring a new person?

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