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ONE in eight Australian­s have been dumped by a romantic partner due to their financial troubles, new research has found.

New data from comparison site and financial experts

Finder has revealed 13 per cent of Australian­s had been through a break-up due to their financial situation.

No savings, unpaid debt and poor financial knowledge were the main reasons for those breakups.

The nationally representa­tive survey asked 1007 respondent­s why they had been let go by a romantic partner.

Of the 13 per cent, 6 per cent were dumped due to having a low income or lack of savings, while 4 per cent said their level of debt had become too big an issue.

The remaining 3 per cent, which equates to 582,000 people nationally, were dumped because of their poor understand­ing of personal finances.

Finder’s research showed men were four times more likely (at 20 per cent) to be dumped because of their financial situation than women.

Finder’s personal finance expert, Kate Browne, said partners needed to discuss finances openly.

“It can be a deal breaker if your spending and savings habits don’t match up,” she said.

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