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The sky’s the limit

- Alan Joyce Qantas Group CEO

QANTAS has always put safety first, which is why we strongly backed the national vaccine rollout from the outset.

We know the approved Covid-19 vaccines reduce the risk of getting seriously ill. Getting the jab will also help protect your family, your colleagues and the wider community. Every vaccine that goes into an arm brings us a touch closer to life as we knew it.

With Christmas just around the corner, what bigger incentive could there be than being able to celebrate with friends and family, whether they live in the next state or on the other side of the world?

As the national carrier, we want to recognise those who have made the effort to protect themselves and the community. That is why we are offering every Australian who is fully vaccinated by the end of the year the chance to claim Qantas points, status credits or a flight discount. The impact of the pandemic on the travel industry and our own Qantas Group team members means we have a clear vested interest in the success of the vaccine rollout.

Our crews can’t wait to get back to reuniting family and friends, taking people on holiday, and putting some energy back into the whole tourism industry. For us, a successful vaccine rollout means that thousands of people can go back to work. In the coming weeks, we need to roll up our sleeves, maintain the momentum and get the vaccine rate as high as 80 per cent and beyond. Because getting us all back together is the Christmas present that we are all hoping for.

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