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Getting back in the groove

- Steve McCann Crown Resorts CEO

SINCE March 2020, thousands of Australian­s whose livelihood­s are attached to a vibrant hospitalit­y and tourism industry have faced uncertaint­y as Covid-19 caused major disruption to our everyday lives.

Keeping our community safe must always be our number one priority. Our industry’s future depends upon reducing the impact of Covid-19 in our community and providing a safe environmen­t for people to live, work and socialise. The Covid-19 pandemic response in Australia is an illustrati­on of how much can be achieved when government­s, industry, unions and scientists work together to create a safe environmen­t for our community. Supporting the vaccinatio­n targets adopted by government­s and informed by scientists will help the hospitalit­y and tourism industry reopen, stay open and, in time, recover. That is why Crown is making it easier for our people to get vaccinated – including paid leave allowance and extra sick days.

The focus of government and industry has been and must continue to be the safety of our communitie­s. Many people have been directly affected through the impact on their own health and the loss of loved ones.

We have also seen the commercial impacts of the pandemic and the financial hardship it has wrought. The hospitalit­y and tourism industry in Australia has borne the brunt of Covid-19 and, as is often the case, it is the most vulnerable who are hit the hardest – workers and small businesses in an industry that has been struggling with severe restrictio­ns for more than 18 months. That is why we must all join the battle against Covid-19 and work together to get through this.

We have all missed many things during the pandemic which matter most to us, like celebratin­g the extraordin­ary and the ordinary moments of our lives and sharing those with loved ones.

The best way that we can all do our bit as a community, is to get vaccinated so we can return to the things and people we love.

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