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Passion at play in the bedroom


Fluffy handcuffs are bringing new meaning to being locked up in lockdown, with many couples turning to adult toys to spice up their love life at home.

New eBay Australia shopping data reveals sales of sex pillows have increased by 131 per cent, the Kama Sutra guide by 130 per cent, and sales of erotic fiction are up 174 per cent as people invest in their sexual wellness.

“Much like previous lockdowns, Australian­s are using this time at home for some saucy self care,” eBay Australia’s Sophie Onikul says.

“It’s clear online remains our favourite way to grab a copy of the Kama Sutra or become engrossed in the latest erotic read, rather than having to face the person behind the counter.”

People are eager to get their hands on the quintessen­tial bedroom accessory, fluffy handcuffs, with eBay seeing sales rise by 91 per cent since the pandemic began.

Sex coach Cam Fraser says lockdown has intensifie­d the desire for sexual wellness items.

“The prospect of being in lockdown for an extended period of time has prompted people to take a further interest in self care, in addition to a greater acceptance and understand­ing that a good sex life is vital for maintainin­g mental wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle,” he says.

So what are the top selling products?


A number of sex toy manufactur­ers have seen significan­t growth in online sex toy sales.

We-Vibe saw a 180 per cent increase in sales in Australia last month compared to sales during last year’s first lockdown. Popular products include the Nova (rabbit vibrator) and the Chorus (couples vibrator). “We’re seeing Australian­s use their time in lockdown to explore their sexual wellbeing and experience new kinds of pleasure,” We-Vibe spokespers­on Johanna Rief says.

“We encourage everybody to talk openly and learn more about what makes them feel good, which is leading to an increase in self-discovery we’ve never really seen before.”

Women’s sexual wellness brand Womanizer saw a 200 per cent increase in sales compared to last year, with its top product being the Womanizer Premium with 12 intensity levels.

Rob Godwin, director of Lovehoney Australia, says clitoral stimulator­s, suction toys and wands are also popular among couples.

“There has been increased demand for app-controlled toys, which isn’t unexpected with people looking for a way to connect while they are physically apart,” he says.

“We have also seen Aussies purchasing our Lovehoney Advent Calendars ahead of Christmas, which come with a variety of toys and lingerie. These are a great way of experiment­ing and experienci­ng new sensations either alone or with a partner.”


During lockdown, Laura Nolan, 28, and partner Sam Booth, 30, opted for an eco-friendly sex life, investing in sustainabl­e toys along with a couple’s board game.

“The Green Sex movement is gaining a lot of traction with innovative products coming out that are sustainabl­e and ecoconscio­us, which we absolutely love to see,” Laura says.

“In an environmen­t such as lockdown where it’s so easy to slip into a rut and each day feels like groundhog day, trying something for the first time together brings us closer and adds something new outside of the usual day-to-day. “We know that intimacy and pleasure have numerous benefits when it comes to mental health, reducing stress and general wellbeing. Keeping the spark ignited and the romance alive is not just important in the perspectiv­e of a couple but also as individual­s.”

Sam says: “Relationsh­ips are formed through bonding over shared experience­s. We’re just creating new experience­s to bond over and strengthen our relationsh­ip.”


 ?? Picture: Tim Hunter ?? Laura Nolan and Sam Booth opt for an eco-friendly sex life; below, fluffy handcuffs.
Picture: Tim Hunter Laura Nolan and Sam Booth opt for an eco-friendly sex life; below, fluffy handcuffs.
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