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Fordham’s tearful farewell to Luca


RADIO host Ben Fordham has broken down in tears on air while revealing the death of his cousin’s five-year-old son Luca.

Mr Fordham choked back tears detailing the death of Luca, the only son of his cousin Tori, at the Children’s Hospital at Randwick at the weekend.

He said Luca had suffered a stroke in November last year and had been in hospital since.

“I’ve been steeling myself to say this, but I do have a little bit of personal news involving the little fella called Luca,” Mr Fordham said on 2GB on Tuesday.

“He’s my little mate who is five years of age, and he’s the only child and my beautiful cousin Tori.

“Sadly, Luca has passed away over the weekend, and I want to tell you a little bit about what’s happened to Luca.

“Luca had a stroke on November 29 last year . . .

“He was running along kicking a soccer ball and the next thing, his legs just gave out.

“He was flown from Wollongong to Sydney where he went to the Children’s Hospital, and it was discovered that he’d suffered a stroke. And poor Luca had a whole range of issues that followed.

“I just wanted to say to the staff at the Children's Hospital.

“I’m going to focus on you ... you were just absolutely incredible.”

 ?? ?? Ben Fordham.
Ben Fordham.

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