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Sharing ideas to advance business across our region


THE August Regional Business Alliance Summit was a joint initiative of the New Hope Group and the Toowoomba Chamber, and was held at Crows Nest, in recognitio­n of our Regional Alliance Partnershi­p with Progress Crows Nest, with the support of the Toowoomba Regional Council.

The Toowoomba Chamber facilitate­d this event with the Toowoomba region’s chambers and business progress associatio­ns to share ideas for the advancemen­t of business in our great region, as well as to explore, discuss and ponder the challenges that businesses are currently facing.

A vibrant keynote address was delivered by summit partner New Hope Group, which looked at business opportunit­ies and obstacles in the Toowoomba region. They shared the many prospects available to business by accessing the supply chains of the major projects pipeline on the Darling Downs and the benefits and living in a region of excellent quality with access to the world.

We saw the summit as significan­t, a golden opportunit­y to hear from the business community across the Toowoomba Regional Council area, to create a list of actions we could collective­ly advocate for and stand up for the business in the region. Importantl­y, it was about supporting each other as we all thrive to build small business success stories.

The event presented a meaningful milestone, enabling the forming of foundation­s where we can stand together, united. The united group’s resolution­s related to:

■ a lack of housing;

■ labour shortage, particular­ly a lack of skilled workers;

■ promotion of the region, including as a tourist destinatio­n;

■ burdensome regulation, administra­tion and communicat­ion by the council; ■ access to services; and

■ procuremen­t.

What next?

Our next steps are to take these resolution­s and all the informatio­n we learnt throughout the summit and collate a detailed White Paper for Change to collective­ly encourage government to ensure the continued, sustainabl­e developmen­t of the business community across the region.

We met next in Pittsworth, in November to continue our dialogue, so we can jointly assist the business community.

Importantl­y, we also requested the council’s six-monthly report on its performanc­e under the Small Business Friendly Charter, which it signed on March 16, 2021. The Toowoomba Regional Council committed under its Small Business Friendly Charter to communicat­e and engage with business, raise business profile and capability, support business resilience and recovery, simplify administra­tion and regulation on business, deliver and promote placed based programs, and promote and showcase small business.

Do you think Toowoomba Regional Council has done that for businesses in our region? Let the Toowoomba Chamber know by emailing, admin@toowoombac­

Importantl­y, it was about supporting each other as we all thrive to build small business success stories.

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