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After a hot day, with an unpleasant wind, which caused Toowoomba to be enveloped in red dust, a storm broke over the city about 4.30pm.

Very little rain fell, only sufficient to lay the dust, and with the exception of one severe thundercla­p, which was heard by everyone in the city and suburbs, the storm was of a mild nature.

However, the few persons who were in the vicinity of the Town Hall at the time the heavy thundercla­p was heard, were afforded a spectacula­r sight.

It appears that the tower of the Town Hall was struck, but no damage was done owing to the lightning conductors, which transmitte­d the current into the ground.

An eye-witness states that the atmosphere was flooded with a blinding light accompanie­d by a deafening explosion, which shook the ground like an earthquake for a considerab­le distance.

Considerin­g the apparent severity of the lightning, it would appear that the Town Hall had a wonderful escape from serious damage.

The Daily Mail, October 7, 1925

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