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ADAM Kingsley says his inexperien­ce in running a football department ultimately cost him in his bids to be the new senior coach of Collingwoo­d and Carlton.

Kingsley, an assistant at Richmond, was in the final lot of candidates for both vacancies at the Melbourne powerhouse clubs but lost out to Craig McRae (Magpies) and Michael Voss (Blues).

He said he was motivated to improve himself to realise his dream of becoming a senior coach.

“I missed out on some jobs that I really desired but I’m not there ... I need to improve,” he said on SEN.

“There’s some stuff that I need to work on and that’s part of growing, getting some feedback and acting upon it.”

Kingsley said there was one key area he had to improve.

“The overriding factor was the running a football department and it appeared that ‘Fly’ (McRae) and Vossy came across stronger in that area,” he said.

“I know Vossy managed the leadership program, was in a senior assistant role at Port Adelaide. I need to get experience in managing people outside of those who are directly under me.”

Kingsley also said the prospect of losing young ruckman Callum Coleman-Jones to North Melbourne was disappoint­ing for the Tigers.

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