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Fireys in hazmat suits soak up spill


QUEENSLAND Fire and Emergency Services officers donned hazmat gear after a barrel of epoxy floor hardening resin spilt in Burnage Street, East Toowoomba.

A QFES spokeswoma­n said the crews were called to the spill about 6.30am yesterday.

They received advice from the service’s scientific crew to dress in the hazmat gear and take extra precaution­s during the clean-up.

The crews coated the chemical in kitty litter and used an absorbent pack to soak it up.

They also conducted atmospheri­c testing to determine the scene was safe before handing control of it to the Toowoomba Regional Council about 7.40am.

In an unrelated matter, fireys and paramedics were called to a traffic crash at the intersecti­on of James Street and Neil Street about 10.45am yesterday.

The early reports indicated a motorist sideswiped a female driver but left the scene before emergency services arrived.

A Queensland Ambulance Service spokeswoma­n said paramedics transporte­d the woman to the Toowoomba Hospital as a precaution.

The crash caused minor panel damage to the driver’s side door.

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